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Sound Unlimited got 1st place, Showmanship, Grand Champions, and finally beat Brea!

This moment was literally one of the best moments of my life. Towards the end of the set and getting up from our jump-splits and looking out into the audience and seeing a huge standing ovation was one of the most amazing feelings I’ve ever had. I’ll replay that moment over and over in my head forever. On the other hand, the awards ceremony was the scariest. It was unpredictable. Honestly, once Brea got Musicianship and 2nd place, I  thought we didn’t place at all. But once Atienza said “First Place… Bonita Vista!” everyone started crying out of happiness and hugging each other. After getting second place continuously and constantly being discouraged, our time has finally came.

As a Junior and a 3-year member, the last time this group got first place was at my first festival of Freshman year. Since then, we got cocky, didn’t improve, and kept getting second place to third place to fourth place to not even placing at all. Sophomore year on the other hand, we had continuous 3rd place winnings across the board. This year, I feel like we have so much potential to showcase everyone’s talents, shine, and win everything. We’ve been trying so hard to improve every festival and win an even higher title. This year is different. Honestly, you don’t know how hard we’ve worked or how many times we’ve been put down. I think we all take show choir so seriously that it’s taken a majority of our lives. 

Woah. I’ve just came to the realization that we can be good like everyone says we are. As some of you know, we’re going to Chicago for a National Show Choir competition after making the top 2 in our FAME competition in Orlando. It’s heart warming to know that our community and school has come together to give us donations to help send us to Nationals. On Tuesday we performed at a city council meeting for a proclamation, and they read all these achievements that Sound Unlimited has done throughout the years. I feel so proud and honored to be apart of this group and its heritage of excellence. My smile wasn’t even a fake smile anymore. It was a real smile. And having people come up to me after shows and telling me that I did good and that I made them laugh/smile/proud totally makes all the blood, sweat, and tears worth it. 

I hope we do as well at the National Show Choir Finals in Chicago next week! wish us luck! or donate some money to us lol :)

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